Info mbi funksionimin më poshtë:

- KUJDES! Në fillim harta është e thjeshtë dhe pa trafik. Zbrisni në fund të hartës dhe klikoni butonin "Shiko Trafikun"

- Afroni dhe largoni pamjen e hartës duke lëvizur me dy gishta që hapen e mbyllen.

- Harta e trafikut fillon në qytetin e Tiranës por ju mund të shihni trafikun kudo në Shqipëri e Kosovë duke lëvizur hartën sipas vendndodhjes.

- Harta përmban gjithashtu ikona të ndryshme informative si bllokim rrugësh, aksidente, punime në rrugë etj.

- Trafiku i rënduar ngjyros rrugët me ngjyrë të kuqe, zbret në portokalli apo të verdhë ku ka më pak trafik për të arritur tek jeshilja aty ku trafiku nuk ekziston.

Po lidhim trafikun nga Mapbox ...


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fight back your demons in new 3D MMORPG Final Destiny

Those looking to fill their boots with fantasy goodness while sharing these experiences with thousands of others online might want to check out Final Destiny. Released recently for both iOS and Android devices, the 3D MMORPG fuses Norse mythology with a world of magic and fantasy creatures. Set in a world where the gods themselves were forced to hold back the monster horde just when it was on the brink of collapse, Final Destiny sees you fight on behalf of the Grand Alliance in a bid t get rid of them for good. You’ll play as either an assassin, warrior, or mage, as any one of three unique races: Human, Great Bear, or Civet. Exploring a colourful and richly detailed world, you’ll roam the map with a pet by your side and powering up your gear by enhancing weapons with what’s known as domestic soul stones. As mentioned, locations are rendered fully in 3D, bringing you closer to the many characters and thought-out turn-based battles Final Destiny presents before you. You won’t have to do this alone, however, as Final Destiny’s guides allows you to team-up alongside others online, taking down server bosses in epic battles. You can even go to head-to-head against other guilds to prove your worth in the online arena. It’s the only way to become the one true leader. Take back the kingdom in an all new 3D MMORPG – Final Destiny is free to download now on iOS and Android. Also be sure to check out and like Final Fantasy's Facebook posts to receive a weekly gift code.

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