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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Can You Solve the Burning Rope Logic Puzzle?

Ready for a head-scratcher? The burning rope problem is a logic puzzle that doesn't require much math, or even pen and paper. Just the ol' noggin. It's a fun — if not infuriating — one to try out with friends and family. Just make sure you can solve it first. This problem was originally found on the Math MeetingYouTube channel.

Here's The Logic Puzzle

You have two ropes and a lighter. Each rope has the following property: If you light one end of the rope, it will take one hour to burn to the other end. They don't necessarily burn at a uniform rate. How can you measure a period of 45 minutes? Watch the video below for the solution or keep scrolling to read the answer.

The Two Burning Ropes Brain Teaser

You might even second guess the solution, but it's logical.To measure 45 minutes with these two ropes, you should first light both ends of one rope. At the same time, only light one end of the second rope. When the first rope is completely burned up, 30 minutes will have elapsed. At this point, you should then light the other end of the second rope. Because there are 30 minutes left of burn time on this rope, lighting the other end will cut that time in half, leaving you with 15 minutes of burn. Overall, you will have burned through both ropes in 45 minutes.

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